Japan to see a boom in Wind Turbine installations

 20th Mar 2013

Japan's wind power industry will see a boom in installations similar to an increase in solar capacity in the nation since last year, a lawyer advising domestic and foreign investors said.

Solar and wind have the best chances and potential to expand and increase Japan’s clean energy market after the government increased subsidies in July

Wind is going to be the next big story in Japan, in the aftermath of the fukushima disaster. Japan doesn’t want bad deals, they want to go about wind energy the right way, and build a cleaner future for the country.

The problem is obtaining enough land to build the turbines on. Financing wind projects has always been a difficulty, mainly because wind farms require a large amount of space, and property developers are sometimes reluctant to show financial interest if the circumstances are not crystal clear. The most likely places to site new facilities would be in national parks and offshore, where government permission could unleash large scale construction, Mitchell said.

Japan introduced an incentive programme for clean energy in July, which increased the nation’s solar capacity and prompted fresh interest from Softbank Corp and Orix Corp.

The country is offering the strongest support for onshore wind market of 21 markets tracked by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Japan doesn’t rank in the top 15, which are dominated by China, the U.S., Germany and Spain, so they have a long way to go before rivalling the most prevailing countries.

Investment will flow to the industry once more bankers understand the risks and how to structure loans for wind and solar projects. Once the Japanese banks feel comfortable enough to finance, that’s when the mega market will take off

The industry is in an ever changing and fluctuating state where one blip in a plan to build a wind turbine farm can see the whole project come crashing down. It takes years and years for a plan to be finalised and many months to build a wind farm, but with the wind industry turning more heads that ever it seems that in the not too distant future Wind farms will eventually become the main source of renewable energy capture.

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