Mobil SHC reduces costs and improves energy efficiency

 9th Jan 2014

Çimko Cement, a cement-producing company in Turkey, has experienced significant reductions both in energy consumption and gearbox operating temperatures at the Narli plant following a switch to Mobil SHC Gear, a high-performance gear oil from ExxonMobil.

As a result, Çimko Cement has decided to use Mobil SHC Gear in all elevator gearboxes and in the rotary kiln gearboxes to help reduce unscheduled downtime, improve the energy efficiency of equipment and increase productivity. 

The company had been looking to reduce operating costs and to improve the energy efficiency of its equipment. Following an initial 26-month-long trial with Mobil SHC Gear 460 on its limestone conveyor driver, which resulted in reductions in energy consumption, Çimko Cement undertook another trial especially for an energy-efficiency comparison.

The second 16-month-long trial on two gearboxes driving the raw-material silo elevator delivered average energy savings of 2.3 per cent compared with a competitor’s fully synthetic oil, following a switch to Mobil SHC Gear 320.

Key benefits of product application

  • Mobil SHC Gear 320 has demonstrated an average 5°C reduction in gearbox temperatures after 11,000 hours of service.
  • Reduced fluid friction in gears;the result of the low-traction properties of the synthetic base stocks used in Mobil SHC Gear oils roduces lower operating temperatures and helps to improve gear efficiency. This contributes to considerable savings over the gearbox and machine lifecycle, helping to reduce unscheduled downtime and component wear.
  • The high-viscosity index of Mobil SHC Gear oils delivers less change in viscosity with changes in temperature, and during the initial Mobil SHC Gear 460 field trial no change in viscosity was recorded after 16,000 hours of service. This enabled a wider operating temperature range and improved low-temperature start-up, delivering the smooth, trouble-free operation of Çimko Cement’s equipment.
  • There was no indication of oxidation after 16,000 hours of service, which can help extend oil drain intervals, reducing oil consumption and lowering maintenance costs.

To find out how Mobil synthetic lubricants can save you money, click here to visit our Mobil Energy Calculator or call the WP Industrial team today for more information 0800 980 6172.

Article Source: The Engineer

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