Energy Efficiency with Mobil and WP Industrial

Optimum performance with energy efficiency built in

Energy EfficiencyFor more than 100 years, Mobil's innovative products have led lubrication technology throughout the world. Mobil Industrial Lubricants meet the changing demands of machines and industry.

This innovation continues today with new advances in energy efficient products - creating lubricants that not only keep machines at top performance, but also help improve energy output and reduce carbon emissions at the same time.

Examples of these advanced-technology lubricants include:


Hydraulic Efficiency ThumbnailHydraulic Efficiency - A Technical Topic

Today's globally competitive business world drives manufacturers to get the most out of their equipment. Even small increases in machine productivity can mean the difference between profit and loss. Additionally environmental  concerns demand focus on sustainable business practices and energy efficient systems. In response, industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systems have become smaller and lighter, and utilise higher pressures to achieve maximum system efficiency.

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Hydraulic Fluid Shear Stability ThumbnailHydraulic Fluid Shear Stability - A Technical Topic

Machinery and the lubricants that protect them are often exposed to a wide variety of ambient and operating temperatures. As a result, lubricants are often required to maintain good pumpability at low temperatures and sufficient film strength at high temperatures. Prime examples are hydraulic fluids used in industrial and mobile equipment applications that operate in a wide range of environments and temperatures. It is not difficult to find a lubricant to meet these requirm, but there can be performance concerns if the fluid is not properly formulated.


In extensive testing, these technology-leading Mobil Industrial Lubricants delivered significant energy savings compared with conventional oils. And since even small energy savings can translate into significant monetary and resource savings - industrial energy efficiency is important for everyone’s future.

Optimum equipment protection with significant energy efficiency. Just one more way Mobil Industrial Lubricants unleash productivity so industry doesn’t simply run - it flies.

WP Industrial is the South's only Mobil Industrial Lubricants strategic distributor and are specialists in providing complete solutions.

Contact us today to start saving money with WP Industrial and Mobil Industrial Lubricants.

The energy efficiency design is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation. Results may vary depending on operating conditions and application. Energy Efficiency claims are based on test results in accordance with applicable industry standards and protocols. For information, please contact WP Industrial or ExxonMobil.

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