Proven performance for natural gas engines

With Mobil SHC and Mobil Pegasus lubricants

Mobil Industrial Lubricants provide advanced, specially formulated high-performance products for a variety of engine technologies, including the latest stationary natural gas engines. For more than 40 years, the design goal of the Mobil Pegasus Series has been to deliver leading technology resulting in optimum engine life and reduced maintenance costs.

Now, Mobil Pegasus 1005 continues that tradition as the latest addition to the Mobil Pegasus line, formulated and tested in a wide variety of operating conditions in a range of natural gas engines. The results: Mobil Pegasus 1005 is built to last. With the potential to provide longer operating time between oil draining, Mobil Pegasus 1005 gives you mroe times between maintenance outages and shutdowns: doubling or even tripling your drain intervals. All at a time when minimizing downtime has never been more crucial.

The Mobil Pegasus product line is comprehensive and designed to handle a range of gas engine and feed gas types found in today’s energy operations.

Backed by extensive builder approvals and proven field performance

In addition to laboratory, bench and engine rig tests, Mobil Pegasus oils are rigorously tested in the field before they are commercialised. Mobil Pegasus lubricants are recognised by equipment builders. For example, Mobil Pegasus 1005 was tested for a total of more than 40,000 hours on Caterpillar, Deutz, GE Jenbacher, and Waukesha gas engines at locations around the world. In oil drain extension tests, the results showed dramatically improved oil life compared to other leading gas engine oils available in the market.


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Signum Brochure - State of the Art analysis

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ExxonMobil are commited to helping companies be safer, more productive, and more aware of environmental care practices. By taking a proactive, predictive approach to maintenance through Signum Oil Analysis, you can prevent costly production delays and equipment failures, while helping to protect your workers as well as the environment. Use our Signum Brochure guide to determine which product is best suited for your application, weather it be for a gas turbine or a paper processing machine - Mobil Lubricants are here to provide you with the highest quality products for your every need.


Oil Analysis - Technical Topic ThumbnailOil Analysis - A Technical Topic

Lube oil is the life-blood of machinery. Much like doctors assess our health through blood analysis, critical plant equipment must be monitored in much the same manner. Chronic lubricant or equipment symptoms show up as indicators in oil analysis samples and if left uncorrected, can lead to equipment degradation and lost productivity. Therefor, the goal of a proactive oil analysis programme is to trend gradual changes in fluid properties, contaminants and wear debris so that corrective action can be initiated in a controlled, planned manner.

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Proof of Performance


Mobil Pegasus 1005 - customer reports of cost savings

Documented cases in which Mobil Pegasus 1005 helped customers improve production and reduce maintenance costs while reaping productivity benefits. 






Mobil Pegasus 805 saves $136,000 a year at an oil company in Egypt ThumbnailMobil Pegasus 805 saves $136,600 a year in Egypt

Mobil Pegasus 805 has managed to save an oil company in Egypt $136,600 covering oil, filter and productivity savings at an oil company.

The benefits of the oil company switching to Mobil Pegasus 805 were: Extended oil drain intervals from 750 to 1500hrs, kept cylinder heads clean, maintained valve seats clean with their proper clearance, reduction in filter consumption and a reduction in downtime and an increase in productivity. Click the thumbnail to the left to view the full proof of performance.



Mobil Pegasus 801 saves $7,000 in maintenance costs ThumbnailMobil Pegasus 801 saves $7,000 in Belarus Republic

Mobil Pegasus 801 reduced maintenance costs by $7,000 per engine  annually which resulted in up to 1.7 times less emissions in two-stroke gas engines. With the aim to lower the costs and decrease oil consumption - Mobil Pegasus 801 was recommended. The result of the switch were: oil consumption reduced by 2 times, less emissions by 1.3-1.7 times, ODI increase up to 11,000hrs and spare part replacements reduced by 2 times. Overall - Mobil Pegasus 801 outperformed its predecessor. Click the thumbnail to view the full proof of performance.



Cannington PoP ThumbnailMobil Pegasus 610 - proven efficiency and cleaning properties at Cannington Bio Energy

Cannington Bio Energy report how Mobil Pegasus 610 exceeded their expectations through reduced maintenance and running costs.

Mobil Pegasus 610 is providing excellent service in 4 MAN V12. Gas engines at one of this country’s most innovative and fast growing Companies.

Cannington Bio Energy operate from originally a farm site close to the market town of Bridgewater. They specialise in anaerobic digestion, the process of turning organic material into a renewable energy source. 

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