Maximise productivity in Power Plants

With Mobil SHC and Mobil Pegasus Industrial Lubricants

Increase your power plant’s productivity through enhanced reliability and uptime with Mobil Industrial Lubricants. Formulated to help you get the most out of your equipment, these high-performance synthetic lubricants are backed by over 100 years of industry experience and expertise in lubrication. And engineered not simply to make your operation run - but help it fly.

Mobil Industrial Lubricants offers a wide range of specially formulated, high-performance lubricants for your critical equipment needs. From premium turbine lubricants designed to offer excellent deposit control for uninterrupted operation and long service life, to outstanding synthetic lubricants and greases engineered to perform in extremely demanding environments (including high temperature, heavy load, and water contamination,) Mobil lubricants and greases will help keep your power plants operating in top form.

Proof of Performance


DTE 846 exeeds 70.000 operating hours and saves $90,118 ThumbnailDTE 846 saves $90,118 after 70.000 operating hours.

A power generation company in Turkey has saved $90,118 after a stunning 70.000 operating hours. A total 72% of waste oil has been reduced after switching to Mobil DTE 846. In this 9 year period, no oil related problems have been faced. Thus by use of Mobil DTE 800 turbine oil series $90,118 has been saved on two turbines from only increased oil life excluding filter, labor and shutdown costs.

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Turbine Oil Conditioning Monitoring thumbnailTurbine Oil Conditioning - A Technical Topic

Modern steam and gas turbines subject the turbine lubricant to ever greater demands. Higher temperatures are encountered in bearings, smaller reservoirs reduce residence times, and issues with varnish deposits have become critical concerns.

Since the oil is the lifeblood of reliable turbine operation, a sound oil condition monitoring is needed to ensure long trouble free operations.



Turbine Oil System Care - A Technical Topic Turbine Oil System Care & Maintainence

Steam and gas turbine are so highly efficient and extremely reliable, so it's no surprise they have been around for a very long time. In fact, the turbine has a rich history that dates back to the period of BC when the first predecessor to the hydro-turbine, the water wheel, was used by the Greeks and the Romans for grinding grain. Thousands of years on, we have come a very long way indeed. 

Turbine lubrication has evolved right alongside it's improvements and changes in turbine design. Click the thumbnail to the left to read on.



Mobil DTE 700 Series ThumbnailMobil DTE 700 Series - Oil for Gas & Steam Turbines

Presenting the new consolidated solution for steam and moderate - duty gas turbines. Effectively simplifying your lubricant decision making, the Mobil DTE 700 Series, compatible with most existing Mobil turbine oils, performs across a varied range of features. Now there's one oil that does the work of Mobil DTE 790, Teresstic GT, Teresstic ISO Series, Teresstic M, and Terresstic T - Making your job easier and helping you reduce your inventory.

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Mobil DTE 800 Series
Mobil DTE 800 Series - Perfect for Gas & Steam Turbines 

The key to your plant's productivity is to keep things running smoothly. As part of the power generation industry, you face performance critical decisions that directly impact your productivity - and your plant's bottom line. This is especially true when it comes to selecting turbine lubricants. Without proper protection, turbine operation can suffer, causing unscheduled downtime and maintenance. That's where Mobil DTE 800 Series turbine oils come in. Click the thumbnail to the left to find out more


Backed by extensive builder approvals and proven field performance

Thoroughly tested before they are commercialized, Mobil industrial lubricants and greases are well supported by equipment builder approvals. For example, the Mobil DTE 800 Series, our top-of-the-line turbine oils, was formulated for specific high-efficiency combined-cycle turbine applications. The new Mobil DTE 700 Series surpasses 17 industry and equipment builder specifications for gas and steam turbines.

So team up with Mobil Industrial Lubricants for continually advancing, standard-setting products and services. Take advantage of our leading-edge lubricant technology and unmatched industry expertise to help you unleash the productivity of your operation.

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