Greased Lightning - Improving performance with Mobil SHC

 28th Feb 2012

Mobil SHC - where productivity beginsFor the cement manufacturer, extending the life of equipment is a crucial element in ensuring maximum productivity and profit, and with the help of todays advanced lubrication and related services they are guaranteed to gain this. In the past due to poor lubrication causing damage to equipment, the associated costs of the maintenance has increased and unltimately caused a loss in production.

Maufacturers now seek lubricants that can offer overall better performance and prolonged equipment life, rather than selecting the cheapest one. With advancedments in lubrication, especially in fully synthetic-based products, there has been a recognised breakthrough with regards to the increasing of equipment life and the timing in-between draining intervals.

High quality, synthetic lubricants such as the Mobil SHC range deliver advantages that other mineral based oils cannot match. Under the severe operating conditions often experienced at a cement plant, such as high temperatures and pressure, synthetic lubricants come into their own.

Improved performance Case study

At the Jordan Cement Company in Fuheis, the majority owned Lafarge site was experiencing unscheduled downtime due to kiln bearings overheating. The kiln faced ongoing stoppages as a result of support bearings overheating as the current lubricant failed to offer protection at the running temperatures of 65°C. Not only was this causing unscheduled downtime but it also increased bearing maintenance and oil costs.

To rectify the problem the customer was advised to switch to Mobil SHC 639. This series of lubricants are designed to provide long equipment protection, oil life and problem-free operation. After changing the lubricant in the support bearings in the middle section of the kiln, the company has experienced significant benefits. Over a 17-month period, bearing overheating was totally prevented, resulting in an increase in revenue through improved uptime.

Mobil industrial lubricants have also worked with India’s leading cement company, ACC Ltd. The company was experiencing ID spindle bearing failures every 50 hours, resulting in significant downtime. To solve the issue, ExxonMobil engineers recommended the introduction of Mobilith SHC 100, an anti-wear and extreme pressure grease primarily used for higher speed applications where reduced friction, low wear and long service are required. The solution resulted in the bearings running continuously for 1000 hours without any unplanned shutdowns, resulting in US$220 000 savings.

Improving energy efficiency case study

Mobil has developed a range of products to help reduce energy costs and lower cement producers’ carbon footprint.

The Mobil SHC 600 series of high performance gear oils, already in widespread use across the cement industry, can also reduce the power consumption of some gearbox applications by up to 8% compared with mineral oils. This is as a result of its low traction (internal friction) and high viscosity index.

More recent developments include Mobile SHC Pegasus, a high performance natural gas engine oil to support cement companies that use natural gas engines to power their operation. Using breakthrough technologies, this new product optimises equipment productivity and protection; it’s the first gas engine oil formulation on the market to deliver real energy saving potential. Extensive independent university laboratory and field tests have demonstrated that the product helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% compared to Mobil Pegasus 1005 and 805 series when tested in standard natural gas engine application under controlled conditions.

The new Mobil SHC Pegasus formulation also delivers the potential for increased oil drain interval of over 16,000 hours ­ three to four times more than standard natural gas engine oil. This can help reduce downtime and the amount of waste oil generated.

Maximising productivity

It goes without saying, investments in high quality synthetic lubricants should be combines with a condition monitoring programme in order to help maximise the productivity of equipment and reduce costs. As part of routine maintenance, the “health” of the lubricant and the equipment itself should be regularly checked.

Typically, it’s advised that maintenance professionals perform quarterly oil analyses and annual system inspections.

The oil analysis should include a measurement of fluid viscosity, water content, and particle count and dissolved metals to determine how well the system is operating. Examining changes in the oil analysis data over time, also known as trending is necessary to assess the condition of the lubricant. By trending oil analysis data it is possible to proactively address undesirable conditions. ExxonMobil’s proprietary online Signum oil analysis programme offers engineers immediate access and direct control of their lubricant sampling programme.

Beyond oil analysis, visual system inspections should be conducted regularly to check and document the condition systems. Inspection data can be used to establish the optimum time to perform maintenance on critical components such as filters, valves, hoses and pumps. Comprehensive leak detection should also be performed, especially if excessive oil usage is noted during a routine system inspection.

Today’s cement manufacturers can gain a real competitive advantage by investing in high quality lubricants and associated services, helping them achieve corporate goals such as increased profitability and reduced environmental impact.

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