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Monil-DTEDue to the competitive nature of the plastics industry, companies are continually looking to maximise productivity while reducing unscheduled downtime and costs. While a small percentage of total maintenance spend, the latest hydraulic oils have the potential to inject additional productivity and performance into plastic manufacturing operations.

fex0514lube1 featIf it weren’t for lubricants, not much of anything would happen. Machines would seize up, cars would break down, and food production would come to a halt.

Many types of lubricants are used in the food industry, including those that are food grade, NSF H1 registered. These lubes are permitted to have “incidental contact” with food, as long as the amount doesn’t exceed 10 ppm.

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Wind turbines are sophisticated machines, operating in demanding environments. This being so, it is very important to select the right lubricant, as the proper oil choice can improve wind turbine availability. This article focuses on the challenges in wind turbine lubrication, specifically addressing the use of an advanced synthetic gear oil, Mobilgear SHC XMP 320, in the main wind turbine gearbox.


Baked goods Image7The McLaren Mercedes team trusts Mobilith SHC to deliver the very best out of their equipment and with a proven track record, it speaks for itself.  

This yeamobil 100 yearsr, ExxonMobil celebrates the 100th anniversary of its Equipment Builder Group, a team of technical experts and  engineers  who  work  collaboratively  with  leading OEMs in more than 150 countries around the world. Read on to find out how this close collaboration has enabled ExxonMobil to develop a range of high performance industrial lubricants which help to optimise the performance of more than 10,000 industrial applications.


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The WP Group are a tier one supplier within Thames Water specialising in fuels & lubrication. Following recent trials at Beckton STW, and in conjunction with the Thames Water Energy Team, the Proof Of Performance (POP) has been produced detailing potential energy savings of £375,000 per year. Other benefits include:

Enhanced oxidation & thermal stabiliy |  Ultra keep clean performance  |  Shear stability  |  Fluid & equipment durability 

 For the full report click here

Çimko Cement, a cement-producing company in Turkey, has experienced significant reductions both in energy consumption and gearbox operating temperatures at the Narli plant following a switch to Mobil SHC Gear, a high-performance gear oil from ExxonMobil.

This article briefly explains some of the key features of synthetic lubricants that can contribute to energy efficiency.

Starting with a basic overview of how synthetics are produced we go on to examine how reducing heat transfer contributes to energy efficiency.

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Edward Davey ­ UK secretary of state teamed up with DECC Prime Minister Greg Barker to unveil the world’s largest offshore wind farm ­ the London Array in Margate, Kent.

Leaders from the ‘waste to energy’ industrial sectors have called for a greater push and a more practical approach to energy from waste renewable energy sources. A long term strategy will need to be formulated with like-minded businesses and individuals who are determined enough to make it happen. The key is to utilise not just one area of renewable energy, but focus on several key industries to maximise potential.

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