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Whether you produce a bolt or a gear set, the key to your plant’s productivity and profitability is keeping your equipment running smoothly. By maintaining your operation at its optimum level, you’ll be more competitive and earn greater profits. Getting the finished product on the market as quickly as possible not only requires the right lubricants but also the expert support from WP Industrial to go with it.

Mobil Industrial Lubricants are formulated with product compatibility in mind. Since there is an active physical interrelationship between these lubricants within the machine tool, your choice of slideway oil is often integrated with your choice of metalworking fluids. There are great advantages to having all your metal processing lubricants working together. Few other suppliers can offer you that convenience.

Backed by global builder approvals and proven field performance

Thoroughly tested before they are commercialised, Mobil Industrial Lubricants are well supported by extensive builder approvals. For example, the Mobil Vactra Series is recognised and respected across the industry for consistently delivering precision machining through its friction control and compatibility with many coolants.


Mobil DTEMobil DTE 10 Excel Series

This brochure intoduces Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series lubricants. Driven by the harsh lubrication demands of today's new machinery, the makers of Mobil Industrial Lubricants have formulated a revolutionary lubricant.

This brochure describes the benefits of Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series. Demonstrating key performance benefits.

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Care Maintenance Brochure ThumbnailCare Maintenance Brochure - Mobilcut

This brochure describes which Mobilcut product is best for your application, while underlining the reasons and potential hazards that machining equipment can face on a day to day basis. 

The brochure also explains how important it is when handling aqueous fluids and explains the do's and don'ts that may not always be realised in a busy working environment.

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Mobilcut Series - Soluable Cutting Fluids ThumbnailMobilcut Series - Soluble Cutting Fluids

Aim to increase productivity with advanced soluble technology. Mobilcut Series water soluble cutting fluids are designed to help offer long service life, have low maintenance requirements and be suitable for a wide range of materials and operations. Offering the right balance between cooling and lubricity, Mobilcut Series aims to deliver excellent tool life and surface finish, which help reduce tool regrinding and component rejects.  

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Mobilgrind Series - Honing and Grinding Fluids ThumbnailMobilgrind Series - Honing & Grinding Fluids

Benefit from Mobilgrind Series advanced technology. Mobilgrind Series is the latest high performance Mobil branded cutting oil - designed to help maximise machine tool availability and improve working conditions during precision grinding, honing and EDM operations.These advanced lubricants, based on high quality base oils and high performance additive systems, aim to improve machining economics and boost productivity.

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Mobilmet Series - Neat cutting oils for machining ThumbnailMobilmet Series - Neat Cutting Oils for Machining

Lift productivity with our cutting oil technology. Mobilmet Series neat cutting oils are innovative, technically advanced metal working fluids designed to meet the performance targets of today's metalworking industry and equipment builders. These state-of-the-art lubricants, based on high quality base oils and advanced performance additive systems, are formulated to meet the latest health and safety guidelines, and have been developed to help improve machining economics and increase productivity. 



Proof of Performance



Mobilith SHC PoP Thumbnail
Mobilith SHC 100 - Electric Motors

Savings of €100,000 in electric motors with Mobilith SHC grease.

At a paper company in Germany, motors were for years lubricated using grease compliant with DIN KP2N-20. The result was oil ingress into the winding space due to excessive oil deposits.

Results included no bearing damage, no oil-stained windings and a reduction in maintenance cost by approximately €100,000 a year.

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DTE 10 Excel PoP ThumbnailMobil DTE 10 Excel PoP - Plastic Injection

DTE 10 Excel saves $12,973 through 12.5% energy consumption in Krauss Maffei Plastic Injection Moulding Machines.

Summary of the energy saving achieved due to the advantages of Mobil DTE 10 Excel. Tested using the hydraulic oil in a kitchen appliances plant, over DTE 20 series.

Using DTE 10 Excel that was specially formulated for injection machines saved 12.5% energy. Considering the total number of PIM, these savings correspond to $12,973 per year. Production losses that might arise from unscheduled downtime and savings on oil, filter, labour and waste oil are not included in these calculations.


Since equipment and operating conditions vary, please refer to equipment builder manual for preferred lubrication recommendations.

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