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Introducing Mobil EAL Arctic Series

Mobil EAL ArcticEnvironmental Awareness Lubricants for industrial refrigeration systems

Operate at peak productivity - with ozone-friendly efficiency.

Today, ozone-friendly chlorine-free HFC products have become the refrigerant of choice for consumers and equipment builders around the world, replacing banned CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) and HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbon) fluids. To improve the efficient and reliable operation of refrigeration systems where HFC refrigerants are used, WP Industrial offers the high-performance Mobil EAL Arctic Series. These advanced products help provide improved evaporator cleanliness, long oil service life, less unscheduled downtime, and reduced maintenance costs in a broad range of HFC refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, from modern industrial and commercial to household.

Engineered for compatibility with HFC refrigerants.

High-performance refrigeration oils, Mobil EAL Arctic Series lubricants are formulated from proprietary, fully synthetic polyol ester (POE) base oils and a unique additive system to provide outstanding lubricity, wear protection, chemical and thermal stability, and hydrolytic stability. They are miscible with HFC refrigerants and have well-defined viscosity/temperature/pressure relationships with widely used HFCs. Mobil EAL Arctic Series is available in viscosity grades ranging from ISO VG 15 to ISO VG 220.

Recognised and appreciated for excellent performance.

Mobil EAL Arctic Series has received approvals and endorsements from many major compressor and system builders worldwide.

It is recognised for meeting the stability and compatibility requirements for refrigeration applications ¯ while complementing the new generation of ozone-friendly refrigerants.

High-Performance Benefits

Excellent antiwear properties

Reduced compressor wear resulting in lower maintenance costs.

High Viscosity Index and wax-free

Excellent low-temperature fluidity and no waxy deposits help improve evaporator efficiency.

Well-defined miscibility and VPT relationships with HFC refrigerants

Assures high system efficiency and proper oil return in refrigeration systems.

Wide viscosity range

Formulated to meet the specific viscosity requirements of a wide range of compressors and applications.

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EAL Buton

*The energy efficiency design is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation. Energy efficiency relates solely to the fluid performance when compared with conventional reference oils of the same viscosity grade in gear applications. The technology used allows up to 3.6% efficiency compared with the reference when tested in a worm gearbox under controlled conditions. Efficiency improvements will vary based on operating conditions and applications.

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