Longer life synthetic lubricant keeps costs down

 31st May 2012

Mobil SHC CibusExxonMobil has designed a synthetic lubricant which works effectively even in extreme temperatures and can be used to produce products free of nut, wheat and gluten in addition to being compliant with Kosher and Halal dietary regulations.

The Mobil SHC Cibus series of food-safe lubricants has been engineered with advanced synthetic base stocks. The low internal friction even helps to reduce energy costs according to worm gear bench tests in which Mobil SHC Cibus demonstrated up to 3% efficiency improvement when compared with mineral oils.

ExxonMobil also says that Mobil SHC Cibus 46 can last up to twice as long as conventional non-NSF H1 registered mineral-based hydraulic oils, while maintaining a high degree of cleanliness. Long life and clean systems can reduce the costs and risks associated with frequent oil changes, component failures and unplanned downtime.

"Today, food and beverage processors are constantly challenged to find ways to boost productivity while also maintaining strict food safety standards" explains Peter Bird, Food Industry Advisor at ExxonMobil Lubricants and Petroleum Specialties Company. "We engineered the new Mobil SHC Cibus Series by leveraging our vast application expertise to formulate a premium lubricant solution that can help provide food and beverage manufacturers with a competitive advantage."

For information on Mobil SHC lubricants from WP Industrial, please contact the Sales Team or call us on 0800 980 6172.

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