Plastic Calenders and Extruders

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Here’s how Mobil SHC can help make your plastic calendars and extruders work more efficiently and your operation more productive.

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Plastics Extruder GearboxPotential Mobil SHC Benefits*:

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Please refer to the ExxonMobil Equipment Builders (EMEBs) guide for builder endorsements.

Proof of Performance

Customers using Mobil SHC lubricants and greases have reduced their annual operating costs considerably, increasing their productivity



Mobilith SHC PoP ThumbnailMobilith SHC 100 - Electric Motors

Savings of €100,000 in electric motors with Mobilith SHC grease.

At a paper company in Germany, motors were for years lubricated using grease compliant with DIN KP2N-20. The result was oil ingress into the winding space due to excessive oil deposits.

Results included no bearing damage, no oil-stained windings and a reduction in maintenance cost by approximately €100,000 a year.

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DTE 10 Excel PoP ThumbnailMobil DTE 10 Excel PoP - Plastic Injection

DTE 10 Excel saves $12,973 through 12.5% energy consumption in Krauss Maffei Plastic Injection Moulding Machines.

Summary of the energy saving achieved due to the advantages of Mobil DTE 10 Excel. Tested using the hydraulic oil in a kitchen appliances plant, over DTE 20 series.

Using DTE 10 Excel that was specially formulated for injection machines saved 12.5% energy. Considering the total number of PIM, these savings correspond to $12,973 per year. Production losses that might arise from unscheduled downtime and savings on oil, filter, labour and waste oil are not included in these calculations.


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Contact WP Industrial today to find out how you can save money with Mobil SHC.

* Since equipment and operating conditions vary, please refer to equipment builder manual for preferred lubrication recommendations. Reduced energy consumption relates solely to the fluid performance when compared with ExxonMobil's standard fluids. The technology used allows up to 8% efficiency gain depending on equipment design and operating conditions. The energy efficiency claim for this product is based on test results conducted in accordance with all applicable industry standards and protocols.

Note: Schematic and product information are intended as a general guide only. Products listed are typically the product series names. Please refer to equipment builders manual for final lubrication recommendations or consult your Mobil Industrial Lubricants team for additional products.

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