Troubleshooting in Plastic Injection Moulding

In machinery, high pressure hydraulic oil is circulated through the machine to the various hydraulic motors and cylinders. This is directly controlled by valves and then circulated through hoses and tubes and then re-circulated via a filter mechanism back into the circuit.

Oil is the fundamental element in the hydraulic system and is key to making sure you are reaching the most cost effective utilisation of these assets.

Hydraulic oil is often viewed as a commodity item despite its critical need. In times of high oil prices, however, low cost hydraulic oil, especially those formulated from poor base oil or recycled material, will be detrimental to your machinery and equipment, this can actually generate problems and raise maintenance costs.

The most important elements of a hydraulic system are: 

Mobil industrial products are perfectly designed to reach optimum performance in your key applications.

Pumps & Motors

Pumps and motors are used in hydraulic systems to transfer energy and because of this are subject to an enormous amount of hydraulic stress, sometimes reaching up to and excess of 700 bars of pressure.

Because of this, Mobil hydraulic fluid is designed to protect drive components and bearings from wear and corrosion and to reduce friction and energy requirements. This prevention of wear and accumulation of detrimental deposits provides for more efficient pumps and motors, less drag in the system and therefore less energy consumption ­ all cost saving abilities. Lesser quality hydraulic oils do not provide a sufficient amount of protection, which in time will increase maintenance costs and shorten machine life.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders transform hydraulic pressure into linear movement which will then perform the mechanical work. Mobil Hydraulic oil is used to seal and lubricate the piston and guides, helps avoid stick slip (this is the spontaneous jerking movement when two surfaces move across each other), minimise wear and avoid corrosion. Lesser quality hydraulic oil may contain low values of anti-wear additives, this can actually increase the chance of scratching on the cylinders and in time reduce performance and increase energy consumption. Unsuitability with seal materials can also cause costly leaks, lack of lubrication and ultimately system failure. Mobil works with leading seal manufacturers and additive manufacturers to ensure optimum performance and compatibility.


Valves are mechanisms that control the direction and flow of a hydraulic application from a pump or pressure valve. Hydraulic oil in the valve is required to disperse heat, reduce wear, minimise friction and avoid corrosion. As businesses and companies are always looking to gain greater efficiencies from machinery through longer fluid change intervals and higher thermal loads, the hydraulic fluids in the machinery and equipment must ensure by 100% that no deposits are formed in the narrow valves tolerances. Low cost oils show increased gumming, poor valve performance, reduced machinery performance and increased energy consumption. 

Your plastics injection moulding machines are the vital element in your mould shop.

If your company runs 12/5 or 24/7 cycles then your moulders are the life blood of your business, whether your fleet is mainly Negri Bossi, Sandretto, Battenfeld or other OEM’s, from time to time faults can develop.

Technical expertise from WP Group Team Energy specialist advisors and the MOBIL performance advantage can help minimise them.

These are the common machine fault areas that we can help reduce:

Contact WP Industrial today to find out how you can save money with Mobil SHC.

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