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No matter the type of processing plant, Mobil Industrial Lubricants offers high-performance products, supported by innovative services and programs. Our highly trained field engineering services team can work with you to select the right lubricants for your applications and bring to bear their industry expertise to unleash the productivity of your plant.

Quarrying and Cement

The Quarrying and Cement industries face challenging operating conditions. For superior protection in your heavily-loaded, high-temperature applications, rely on the Mobil Industrial Lubricants complete line of innovative Mobil-brand oils and greases.


The Petrochemical industry is equipment intensive and we understand what is required to achieve peak performance. WP Industrial can help you extract more from your equipment through improving efficiency. To power your operation towards higher productivity, Mobil Industrial Lubricants are comprised of a wide range of Mobil-brand performance lubricants and an unparalleled suite of synthetics to excel in protecting vital compressor, mechanical seal, pump and other support machinery components.

Productivity Pointers - The Benefits of Mobil SHC

Cement Product Selector Guide


 Cement Product Selection Guide

 The Cement product selection guide can help you
 choose the correct product for your application.

 If you are using a product that is not getting the
 best out of your equipment, then taking a quick
 look at this product selector guide could help to 
 reduce savings and extend the life of your machines


   Chemcial Product Selector Guide

  Chemical Product Selection Guide

  The Chemical product selection guide is a great
  way to make sure you are using the best possible
  product for your Chemical applications.

  By using a product that is not best suited for your
  equipment, you run the risk of lowering the overall
  performance of your machine. 


Proof of Performance

Cannington PoP ThumbnailMobil Pegasus 610 - proven efficiency and cleaning properties at Cannington Bio Energy

Cannington Bio Energy report how Mobil Pegasus 610 exceeded their expectations through reduced maintenance and running costs.

Mobil Pegasus 610 is providing excellent service in 4 MAN V12. Gas engines at one of this country’s most innovative and fast growing companies.

Cannington Bio Energy operate from originally a farm site close to the market town of Bridgewater. They specialise in anaerobic digestion, the process of turning organic material into a renewable energy source.



Mobil SHC 626 doubles bearing life and extends oil drain intervals 3 fold ThumbnailMobil SHC 626 Extends Oil Drain Intervals 3 Fold

A sewerage treatment plant in Abu Dhabi was changing bearings in their applications every 8 to 9 months and oil drains were conducted every 6 months. However - after the support of the maintenance team, Mobil 626 was introduced and monitored closely on site and through Signum oil analysis. As a result of this, no deterioration of oil viscosity or colour was found. Oil drain intervals were extended from 6 months to 18 months and reduced downtime resulting in substantial savings in operating costs. Click the thumbnail to the left to read on.




Mobilith SHC PoP Thumbnail


Mobilith SHC 100 - Electric Motors

Savings of €100,000 in electric motors with Mobilith SHC grease.

At a paper company in Germany, motors were for years lubricated using grease compliant with DIN KP2N-20. The result was oil ingress into the winding space due to excessive oil deposits.

Results included no bearing damage, no oil-stained windings and a reduction in maintenance cost by approximately €100,000 a year.



Mobil SHC 629 saves more than $10,400 a year be decreasing lubricant and labor cost ThumbnailMobil SHC 629 Saves More Than $10,400 per Year

A cement company in Egypt was facing problems in fan bearings, which is frequently overheated, especially in ID fans. The problem required external cooling to avoid production to stop due to controlled temperature limit or bearing failure. The oil top-up frequency  was 2 days consuming 12 litres per time for all fan bearings. After conducting several plant surveys by ExxonMobil Field Engineering team, gathering bearing technical data/perating parameters and based on EHL calculations, the recommended solution was to change the lubricant in use to Mobil SHC 629. 



Mobilgrease XHP 322 MINE saves $151,000 per year in constructive equipment ThumbnailMobilgrease XHP 322 MINE Saves $151,000 per Year

A construction company used Mobilgrease XHP 222 in all their earth moving equipment. The main suffering points and areas for improvement were high grease consumption & high labour costs. The recommendation was to replace Mobilgrease XHP 222 with the more suited Mobilgrease XHP 322 MINE. Re-greasing intervals were extended from 18 hours to 50 hours. Reduction on labour cost by $46,900 was also acheived. Click the thumbnail to the left to view the full proof of performance.




Mobil Polyrex EM saves $252,000 per year in bearing costs ThumbnailMobil Polyrex saves $252,000 per Year in Bearing Costs

An oil refinery in Turkey has managed to make substantial savings thanks to Mobil Polyrex EM. Prior to 2003, a competitor conventional grease with EP additives has been used to lubricate electric motor and fan bearings of processing units of the plant. With problems such as high temperatures and unscheduled downtime a new lubricant was needed. Mobil Polyrex EM was recommended and these problems were controlled and extinguished. Click the thumbnail to the left to read the full proof of performance.




Mobilgear XHP 461 improves equipment reliability POP ThumbnailMobilgrease XHP 461 Improves Equipment Reliability

An Arc-furnace Steel Plant in Russia was using a conventional lithium  soap grease until 2009, when they switched over to Mobilgrease XHP 461. Before they made the switch, high operating temperatures were observed in thier machinery which caused frequent grease coking in tubes, feeders and bearings, as well as grease leakage from bearings. This led to unscheduled down time, which of course led to a loss of profit - bad news to any plant owner.

Click here to find out why Mobilgrease XHP 461 is a giant in the industry.

Mobil DTE 10 Excel can save energy up to 2% ThumbnailMobil DTE 10 Excel Saves Up to 2% in Energy

A tyre manufacturer in Germany uses twin screw extruders in their processing plant as a main peice of equipment. Before making the switch to Mobil DTE 10 Excel 68, the equipment was suffering from a lage leak in the oil stream and this has a negative effect on energy efficiency. Mobil DTE 10 Excel 68 was recommended and now their operations are fully operational - not only that but the machines are now actively saving energy as they work.  

Click the thumbnail to view the full proof of performance.



Mobilith SHC 220 POP thumbnail  Mobilith SHC 220 - Fuller Pumps
  Mobilith SHC 220 helps a Mexican building materials manufacturer
  extend roller bearing life, generating more than USD $24,500 in annual

  ExxonMobil engineers recommend switching to Mobilith SHC 220.
  Mobilith SHC 220 is specifically designed to withstand extreme 
  operating temperatures - both hot and cold. Click the thumbnail to 
  find out more.  



Mobilux EP 004 - Mobilth SHC 007 Change of grease thumbnail Change of Grease - Mobilux EP 004 - Mobilith SHC 007

Lubrication of linear guides, vertical shafts, racks and pinions with 
vogel-SKF central lubrication system - grease Mobilux EP 004
operating speed 5 m/sec position tolerances 0.05mm.

By switching to Mobilith SHC 007, grease consumption can be
reduced by 80%, lower maintenance costs, no wear, higher
machine availability and no system contamination caused by




Mobil SHC Polyrex 462 saves €40,000/y in sugar mill ThumbnailMobil SHC Polyrex 462 Saves €40,000/y in Sugar Mill

A sugar company in Germany has achieved an annual saving of €40,000 by switching their main lubricant over to Mobil SHC Polyrex 462. High temperatures were recorded in the machines rotary valves of around 130C - 160C. The recommendation was to switch over to Mobil SHC Polyrex. The benefits of this switch were evident instantly; plate, drums and rotors life increased about 6 years, reduction of the overall grease consumption and an annual saving of around €40,000.

Click the thumbnail to view the full proof of performance.



Savings of $68,000 with Mobil Delvac 1 SHC 5w-40 Savings of $68,000 annually at the truck fleet with Mobil Delvac 1 SHC 5w-40 Thumbnail

A cement company in Egypt has saved an astonishing $68,000 in one year thanks to their strategic switch to Mobil Delvac 1 SHC 5w-40 in their machines and equipment. Oil drain intervals increased from 5,000 km to 20,000 km and still the used oil analysis report shows that it can be extended. Total savings will increase if those involved consider added benefits like equipment reliability, lifetime and overhaul costs.

Click the thumbnail to view the full proof of performance


Mobil DTE 846 POP ThumbnailMobil DTE 846 - Reliable Operation for 20,000 Hours

A world leading producer of technological gasses has achieved greater productivity by using Mobil DTE 846 in their turbo-compressors. With the turbo-compressors not working to their full capabilities, Mobil DTE 846 was recommended. Signum Oil Analysis was implemented and monitored the Mobil DTE 846 and equipment in action. The results and benefits were clear. Excellent thermal and oxidation resistance, effective filterability and no unscheduled downtime was reported.

Click the thumbnail to view the full proof of performance.




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