Fold productivity into paper

With Mobil SHC synthetic Paper Machine (PM) lubricants

Whether you produce newsprint, corrugated board or fine papers, when operating the pulp and paper industry, optimizing equipment availability is vital to maximizing productivity. You need your machines to deliver continuously, and with paper machinery operating at speeds over 2,000 m/min and steam temperatures exceeding 200°C (392°F), your equipment is under intense pressure.

Mobil SHC PM Series and Mobilith SHC PM Series are engineered to satisfy the complete range of pulp and paper applications and conditions

Our series' of high-performance synthetic circulation oils and greases are designed to work significantly longer than conventional mineral oils. Formulated with leading synthetic technology and application expertise, Mobil SHC PM oils and greases can increase equipment availability at a time when minimizing downtime and optimizing operating expenses has never been more crucial.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive line of synthetic and premium mineral oil-based lubricants for paper machinery, including hydraulic, compressor and gear oils; all designed for the diverse operating environments found in pulp and paper processing.*

Backed by unsurpassed industry expertise and equipment builder approvals

Mobil products are manufactured by highly experienced engineers who work closely with customers and leading equipment builders for unique insights into their new technology and lubrication requirements, helping to guide the product development process. Mobil SHC is recognized across the industry for consistently delivering reliable performance and maximum equipment protection by leading OEMs.

Working with you to give you the support you need

Our reliable support services mean you’re never on your own. Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our expert team.

Proof of Performance




Mobilith SHC PoP Thumbnail


Mobilith SHC 100 - Electric Motors

Savings of €100,000 in electric motors with Mobilith SHC grease.

At a paper company in Germany, motors were for years lubricated using grease compliant with DIN KP2N-20. The result was oil ingress into the winding space due to excessive oil deposits.

Results included no bearing damage, no oil-stained windings and a reduction in maintenance cost by approximately €100,000 a year.



Mobilith SHC PM 460 reduces annual maintenance costs by €35,000 at cylinder bearings ThumbnailMobilith SHC PM 460 saves €35,000 in maintenance

Mobilith SHC PM 460 has saved a total of €35,000 at a paper company in Finland. The customer had used mineral grease Unirex EP 2 for several years in very wet conditions. Eventually bearing life reduced to only one month. The recommendation was to switch to synthetic grease Mobilith SHC PM 460. Mobilith SHC PM was selected due to its superior structural stability in the presense of water compared to the previous grease in use. This has resulted in lower maintenance costs, no unplanned shutdowns and no bearing failures.




Mobilgrease XHP 222 helps increase productivity and reduces maintenance costs ThumbnailMobilgrease XHP 222 helps increase productivity

Mobilgrease XHP 222 increases productivity and reduces paper machine maintenance costs in dry section roller bearings. ExxonMobil field engineers proposed to use Mobilgrease XHP 222 instead of the competitor grease. Excellent thermal and structural stability of Mobilgrease XHP 222 provides longer lubricant and equipment service life, with better protection of bearings and lower grease consumption.

Click the thumbnail to view the full proof of performance.



Mobil Polyrex EM  - PoP ThumbnailMobil Polyrex EM Endures Rigorous Conditions For 6 Times Longer Than The Competitor Grease

A Russian Primary Metals Company has been using Mobil Polyrex EM in their electric motor roller bearings and has seen excellent endurance and performance from this sturdy, hardy grease. With competitor greases failing after just one a half months, it is safe to say that with a life span of at least 6 times longer, Mobil Polyrex EM is the fore-runner for these prime applications.  



Mobiltih SHC PM 460 reduced grease consumption by more than 30% ThumbnailMobilith SHC PM 460 reduces grease consumption

Mobilith SHC PM 460 has prevented bearing failures and reduced grease consumption by more than 30% in a paper plant in Germany.  Cracks in the dry and wet parts of roller bearings was causing constant problems for the company. As a result Mobilith SHC PM 460 was recommended and since it's introduction there have been no reported lubrication related bearing damage. Consumption of grease has also been reduced. Click the thumbnail to the left to view the full proof of performance.



Mobil EAL Hydraulic Oil 46 extends re-lubrication in a sensitive environmental area ThumbnailMobil EAL 46 extends re-lubrication intervals

Mobil EAL Hydraulic Oil 46  was recommended due to its non-water hazard potential, therefor an authority exception letter is no longer necessary. The Mobil EAL Hydraulic Oil 46 has a very good adhesive power, with the result of a good lubrication of the platform conveyor and it was possible to reduce the re-lubrication interval. The lubrication consumption was reduced from 3,000 litres a year down to 2,100 litres a year. The pollution of the conveyor parts and their surrounding area has been reduced significantly.




Mobil SHC Gear 6800 Improves Vibration Properties ThumbnailMobil SHC Gear 6800 Improves Vibration Properties

A Paper factor in Germany has made the switch to Mobil SHC Gear 6800. Before making the switch, a local competitor product was used. Since then, the change to Mobil Gear 6800 has produced some drastic results such as: A massive improvment in vibration properties, no gear box damage, a higher viscosity and excellent adhesion, a decrease in contamination and an overall cleaner system.         

Click the thumbnail to the left to view the full report.


Mobil SHC Polyrex 462 Thermal Stress ThumbnailMobil SHC Polyrex 462 - Withstanding Thermal Stress

Field tests in a Rolling mill at a factory in Germany have put Mobi SHC Polyrex 462 through the paces. After a full year no damage and no thermal overload of the grease was observed. Grease remained stable despite high temperatures and no change in penetration was discovered. Re-greasing intervals extended by three times.

As a result of these outcomes there was a yearly saving of €18,000   

Click the thumbnail to the left to find out more.



Mobil SHC 632 Smutrfit Kappa PoP Thumbnail
Mobil DTE SHC 632 PoP - Smurfit Kappa

New Mobil SHC 632, energy efficient, synthetic gearbox oil increases efficiency of Smurfit Kappa gearbox operation by 6.5%. Corresponding operating temperature drop of 8.4oC observed with new synthetic lubricant. Mobil Industrial Lubricants and Smurfit Kappa have a shared vision to improve the energy and environmental efficiencies of their operations. This shared ideology makes for a successful working partnership, in which we have sought mutually beneficial solutions to the challenges presented in the search for effective lubrication.


Mobilth SHC PM 460 - PoP ThumbnailMobilth SHC PM 460 PoP  - Roller Bearings

A paper plant in Germany has prevented bearing failures and reduced grease consumption by more than 30% by using Mobilith SHC PM 460 in their machines. Since the paper plant started using Mobilth SHC PM 460, there have been no reports of bearing damage and Mobilth SHC PM 460 provides excellent protection against corrosion and prevents water ingression.

Click the thumnbail to the left to find out more.


Monilith SHC PM 460 Reduces downtime 90% ThumbnailMobilith SHC PM 460 - Reduced Downtime By 90%

A Pulp & Paper factory in Russia has managed to decrease unscheduled downtime by an astonishing 90% in their wet section bearings since switching to Mobilith SHC PM 460.

Mobilith SHC PM 460 has the ability to perform at high temperatures up to 180 degrees. This ensures protection against corrosion and prolongs life time of both the grease and the bearings.

Click the thumbnail to the left to find out more.



Reduction in wear by using two synthetic lube oils for plate conveyors ThumbnailMobil Pyrolube & Mobil EAL Oil 46 Make The Difference

The extraordinary lubrication conditions of the free-standing plate conveyors caused extreme chain wear. In the winter months, in particular, the lubrication system failed using a competitor oil. Thats where Mobil Pyrolube 830 & Mobil EAL Hydraulic Oil 46 come in. The conveyor system saw a massive boost in productivity from several angles, including: Operating in temperatures as low -24 degrees, chain wear was considerably reduced and the system availability was overall improved significantly.

Click the thumbnail to view the full report.


Mobilith SHC PM 220 Paper Mill POP ThumbnailMobilith SHC PM 220 PoP - Paper Mill Blower Bearings. 

A paper plant in Finland which uses Mobilith SHC PM 220 in their blower bearings has successfully reduced bearing temperature and improved the reliability of their machinery.

The improved situation increases blower reliability and reduces the risk of blower bearing failure which would cause production loss.

Click the thumbnail to the left to find out more. 



Upgraded performance by using Mobil SHC 626 Upgrading performance by switching to Mobil SHC 626 Thumbnail

A paper factory in Austria has achieved a boost in productivity and performance by switching their lubrication over to Mobil SHC 626. During the use of a competitor synthetic oil, in a period of 13 months, 33 valves had to be changed in the equipment. After 10 months of testing with Mobil SHC 626 only one valve had to be changed - a major difference in cost and labour. Other benefits also include; Pressure reduction (valves secondary on carriage), no annual oil change completed as was previously required. Click the thumbnail to view the full report.



Pulp & Paper Industry Assets


Effective and Efficient Energy Engineering Thumbnail

Energy efficiency benefits of Mobil SHC 600 help to support Smurfit kappa's sustainability objectives by reducing equipment operating temperatures.

Smurfit Kappa, a leading producer of paper-based packaging, has
reported a gearbox energy efficiency saving of approximately 6.5%
following a field trial using the new Mobil SHC 600 series. These high
performance synthetic gear circulating and gear oils have been engineered to help pulp & paper companies increase productivity.



Pulp & Paper Brochure ThumbnailPulp & Paper Brochure

Use this Pulp & Paper Industry brochure to clue yourself up on everything from Paper rollers, Electric motor bearings and press systems.
This guide will help you pick the correct Mobil product for your applications. Whether it is Mobil Polyrex EM or Mobilth SHC PM Series, you can be sure you are in safe hands. 



*Since equipment and operating conditions vary, please refer to equipment builder manual for preferred lubrication recommendations.

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