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WP industrial has a proud history of helping successful companies save significant amounts of money and realise the benefits of improved productivity, enhanced equipment performance, and reduced power consumption through effective lubrication. Not only do we provide standard-setting lubricants for machinery, we also offer unsurpassed industry expertise, programmes and tools to support you.  

Controlling costs within your business is a concern for all manufacturers. At WP Industrial energy costs are never far from our thoughts ­ that’s why we have a dedicated team focusing on energy efficiency - Team Energy.

Team Energy brings together a wealth of industry experience and the expertise of Mobil Industrial Lubricants to help you achieve optimum efficiency.

Our Team Energy experts can provide complete solutions tailored to your business by identifying areas of potential energy efficiency improvements to help your business save time, money and energy through switching to energy efficient lubricants. We can then provide you with the products and tools you need to cut operating costs, in addition to offering on-going account management and technical support.

There is the potential for large energy savings with drive motors and motor driven pumps. 

 So what if:

Gearboxes - Mobil SHC Comparison









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Team Energy know how to deliver specialist Energy Efficiency improvements for production and process equipment.

Whether you are a large, small or medium sized company, team energy offer you  the same technical expertise and advanced MOBIL lubrication products. 

Energy Efficiency products can be applied in industrial machinery applications such as: 

With efficiency savings of up to 6%*, and long life specialist products to cut maintenance man hours, make your first step towards energy efficiency with WP Industrial and Mobil Industrial Lubricants.

Need further convincing? See how Mobil Industrial Lubricants helped other companies save money and become energy efficient.

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Mobil Gearbox Savings - Smurfit

New Mobil SHC 632, energy efficient, synthetic gearbox oil increases efficiency of Smurfit Kappa gearbox operation by 6.5%. Corresponding operating temperature drop of 8.4oC observed with new synthetic lubricant

The results speak for themselves.


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Contact WP Industrial today to find out how you can save money with Mobil SHC

*Results may vary depending on operating conditions. Energy efficiency relates solely to the fluid performance when compared with ExxonMobil’s standard hydraulic fluids. The technology used allows up to 6%  increase in hydraulic pump efficiency compared with Mobil DTE 20 Series when tested in standard hydraulic applications. The energy efficiency claim for this product is based on test results on the use of the fluid conducted in accordance with all applicable industry standard and protocols. For more information, contact your WP help desk.

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