Maximise productivity and performance

With Mobil SHC Industrial Lubricants

The water industry faces an array of potential issues including equipment exposure, corrosion and condensation. This increases the need for maintenance and unplanned down-time.

The UK Water Utilities environment presents its own unique set of challenges - particularly in the field of controlling energy usage costs and maintaining site operations through your team of technicians.

Sewage treatment works and potable operations rely of course, on varying types of site equipment and processes The lubrication challenges in this area can cover aeration stirrer gearboxes, hydraulically driven settlement tank scrapers, powered screens and more. Mobil SHC supreme technology products are here to help you deal with high water ingress and corrosion based issues, along with highly stressed bearings.

There is the potential for large energy savings with drive motors and motor driven pumps.

So what if:

Gearboxes - Mobil SHC Comparison

The Energy Saving Long Life approach covers potable and waste water equipment operational  areas such as:

Productivity Pointers - The Benefits of Mobil SHC

Water Treatment ThumbnailMobil SHC can help your Waste Water Treatment machinery work more efficiently - and your
operation more productive

Mobil SHC is used in several areas of the waste water industry.
These areas include:

- Municipal and industrial waste water treatment
- Mining (waste treatment and material separation)
- Pulp and Paper (Waste treatment)


Industrial Blowers thumbnail Here's how Mobil SHC can help make your Industrial
 Blowers work more efficiently - whilst cutting costs.

 Mobil SHC can extend machinery life and decrease time between
 maintenance. Make sure you are getting the most out of your
 equipment by using the best possible product - for the best
 possible results. Mobil SHC is used in several key industries.
 - Cement
 - Pulp and Paper
 - Plastics



Reciprocating Air Compressors thumbnailReciprocating Air Compressors - Mobil SHC could help
to reduce deposit formation and decrease energy consumption.

Mobil Rarus 800 Series and Mobil Polyrex EM can allow your equipment
to achieve a low-temperature start-up, which will in turn increase productivity and reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime. Mobil SHC
is a key ingredient in all industries and marine applications.   

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 Worm Gear Drivers ThumbnailUse Mobil SHC 643, Mobil Glygoyle 460 and Mobil SHC
Cibus 460 in your Worm Gear Drivers for increased
productivity, reduced energy consumption and lower
maintenance costs.

Worm Gear Drivers are used in food, general manufacturing and pulp and paper industries. Mobil SHC 220 and Mobil SHC Polyrex 222 can help to reduce unscheduled downtime, reduce waste oil and extend time between drain intervals.  




Proof of Performance


Cannington PoP ThumbnailMobil Pegasus 610 - proven efficiency and cleaning properties at Cannington Bio Energy

Cannington Bio Energy report how Mobil Pegasus 610 exceeded their expectations through reduced maintenance and running costs.

Mobil Pegasus 610 is providing excellent service in 4 MAN V12. Gas engines at one of this country’s most innovative and fast growing Companies.

Cannington Bio Energy operate from originally a farm site close to the market town of Bridgewater. They specialise in anaerobic digestion, the process of turning organic material into a renewable energy source.


Mobil Industrial Lubricants give demonstrable savings in PM and Drive Energy costs. Extended equipment life is always delivered and performance is warranted by Mobil internationally.

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Contact WP Industrial today to find out how you can make major savings through improving energy efficiency with Mobil SHC.

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