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When it comes to wind turbines, ExxonMobil's industrial lubricants don’t just make them run: they make them fly. How? By helping you get the most out of your machines.

Designed to excel even in some of the most demanding conditions such as high heat, heavy load, and water contamination ­ Mobil SHC™ synthetic lubricants and greases will help keep your wind turbines operating in top form. They can help reduce unscheduled downtime, lower maintenance costs and even extend oil life.

Backed by extensive builder approvals and proven field performance.
Thoroughly tested before they are commercialised, Mobil™-branded lubricants and greases are well supported by builder approvals and extensive experience. For example, Mobilgear SHC™ XMP, our top-of-the-line synthetic wind turbine lubricant, is approved and/or used by several major gear, bearing, and wind turbine manufacturers. With extensive builder approvals, it lubricates more than 40,000 wind turbines worldwide. Analysis of over 15,000 used-oil samples of Mobilgear SHC XMP indicates superb wear protection and virtually no alerts due to oil aging over the years.



Proof of Performance:


mobil turbine thumbMobil SHC™ Gear 320 WT

As the wind industry evolves, issues of safety, productivity and costs are becoming more critical, especially with turbines located in ever more remote areas and extreme conditions. Handling higher loads in increasingly compact gearboxes under these conditions stresses lubricants like never before. 






Mobilgear SHC XMP 320 Proof of Performance ThumbnailMobilgear SHC XMP 320 - A Perfect Formulation

For wind turbine operators, the importance of using the right lubricants cannot be overstated. Wind turbines are highly engineered and sophisticated pieces of machinery and whether they are located onshore or offshore, they are often subjected to some of the most demanding operating conditions. Mobilgear SHC XMP 320 is an essential part of the lubrication of a wind turbine, without Mobilgear SHC XMP, a wind turbine would not turn. Mobilgear SHC XMP is used to protect more than 30,000 wind turbine gearboxes worldwide - Click the thumbnail to view more. 



Mobilgear SHC XMP 320 Wind Farm PoPMobilgear SHC XMP 320 saves $176,000 a year

A wind farm in in west-virginia that operates 44 NED MICON 1.5 MW wind turbines has made an annual saving of $176,000. The customer installed Mobilgear SHC XMP 320, a synthetic ISO VG 320 gear oil, as the initial fill gear oil in its turbines' Flender gearboxes. The result of this change helped to extend oil drain intervals to twice that of industry averages and maintain excellent gear condition.

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Lubricants & Grease for Wind Turbines Brochure - ThumbnailMobil Lubricants & Grease for Wind Turbines

Use this Mobil brochure to bring yourself up to speed with the latest Mobil Lubricants & Greases for wind turbines. Learn how to increase equipment reliability, extend machine life and lower your operating costs. Click the thumbnail to view more.



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